Doyx.com is a newly founded company, a home improvement service company established for the residents of Guam, a one-stop dream home service designed for residents of Guam.

I am Ken, I have moved to beautiful Guam on last year. My father is mainly engaged in real estate development and construction. As a son, I have chosen to be involved in my father's business. After serving the customer for a while, I deeply understood the real needs of the customer and chose to provide home decoration services for the customer.

Experiences and customer feedbacks have given me the confident to introduce us as an expert in home improvement or home repair services. We are a professional team dedicated to providing quality home design and repair work. Whether it is because the current residence is in disrepair and wants to be refurbished or to give a new look to the new purchase of the house. Our professional team can design an optimal solution for your needs and budget.

Our Services

Our company provides a full range of professional repair and consulting services, including house repair, design and expansion projects, bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, closet installation, and even repairing the roof, wood floor polishing, plasterboard partitions, professional paint and more.

You are welcome to leave your request and budget here, our professional staff will contact you and discuss your maintenance plan as soon as possible.

Interior decoration
Renovation of old houses
Cabinet installation
Maintenance and more


Yes, it's as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4 steps

1. Tell us about your ideal home
2. Our designers have prepared the design
3. Start renovation, renovation
4. Your dream home is right in front of you

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